Learn from one of the greatest preachers of the 20th century

While still a medical doctor, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was offered the position doctor to Queen Elizabeth II. He turned the job down and instead preached in London for 30 years, making a global impact with his extraordinary teaching and preaching. Although his sermons are available in books, you can also hear them online via a website or app.

I have learned more about the Bible from Martyn Lloyd-Jones than from anyone else. His unique ability was to take the scripture and explain it clearly and relevantly.

Sermons Online

The MLJ Trust has created an online site and an app where you can listen to hundreds of his sermons. Dr. Lloyd-Jones was Welsh, so his accent may take a little getting used to. It is well worth it. You can browse the sermons by topics and series: he preached through major books in multi-year series including Romans, Ephesians, John, and Acts.

One of my favorite series was his Great Doctrines of the Bible. It’s an excellent overview of Christian Theology (55 sermons).

He also has an important series on Spiritual Depression which has been of benefit to many people struggling with depression (24 sermons).

Finally, his short series on Biblical Authority is a great introduction to this important topic (7 sermons).

Many of his sermons have been transcribed into book form.


Apparently one of Dr. Lloyd-Jones congregants wrote down many of his sermons and it is her that we have to thank for the incredible number of sermons in print we have available from him. Here are some of my favorites.

Here’s a link to all his books used on Bookfinder.

Video Interview

Here’s an interesting television interview from 1968 between Dr. Lloyd-Jones and a Welsh writer. It provides a good sense of who he was.